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Sarah Sits for about a Year :icontrinity-fate:Trinity-Fate 1,948 112
Crystal Boys
'Your stretch marks look like lighting bolts.'
Ren frowned, not seeing it. He studied his big, pale belly, resting in a pool in his lap, then looked back at Mika.
'Lightning bolts?'
Mika shuffled closer.
'Can I touch your belly?'
Ren hesitated. '...Alright.'
With a finger, Mika lightly traced the pattern of Ren's stretch marks across the sides of his big belly, which quivered at the contact. He'd gained so much weight so quickly... 'See the way they curve? They look like lightning bolts.' Mika repeated.
'Whatever.' Ren sighed, pulling his shirt back down. 'I hate having a big belly. It feels so unnatural sitting in my lap.'
'Does it? I guess I'm used to it since I've always been fat. I never thought you'd be fat too, Ren.'
Ren made a face. Even with his softened features, he was heart-stoppingly beautiful. 'I guess I'm a fatty for the near future then...'
'Hey, we can share clothes.'
'I guess.'
'If you have problems, you can ask me.'
'My... My thighs rub together when I walk.'
'Oh, tha
:iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 42 13
Mature content
Fat Filth :iconelroycohen:elroycohen 68 8
Mature content
Buffet Bound :iconelroycohen:elroycohen 78 2
Susan's Life #19 - Haircut :iconauctus177:Auctus177 337 18
Mature content
Tushie Stripper :iconauctus177:Auctus177 380 36
Ivana and Cresida :iconauctus177:Auctus177 355 26
Mature content
Sweet Revenge :iconsfx777:sfx777 115 16
Mature content
Cam Girl Carmen :iconsfx777:sfx777 159 12
Claire's Fattening Family Part 7
Claire and Jen, ever so bloated from all the food they had already packed away, slowly lurched to their feet so they could take their leave. Neither one of them noticed the ear to ear grins the young boys were currently sporting, they were too worried about their sloshing bellies, and their struggle to find balance on their feet.
Once up, the boys helped the girls waddle out to the parking lot. Along the way Claire and Jen could be seen tugging their dresses down. After helping clean out all the catered food, their dresses were not as accommodating as they once were.
They followed as they were lead to the car of the older of the two boys. An awkward silence had fallen over the group as they worked towards their new location. In the quiet Claire’s thoughts drifted, and she started to think about the situation they were currently in. She started to question again why they were doing this? These boys were strangers, they didn’t even recognize them from their class. Was it all
:iconmr-monopoly:mr-monopoly 57 2
Mature content
The Wish II :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 106 9
Lazy Lucy
    Lucy chewed slowly, dropping a crumpled McDouble wrapper carelessly on her mattress beside her. She moaned again as the last lukewarm remnants of beef and ketchup slid down her throat, leaving her mouth disappointingly empty and her stomach pleasantly full.
The bedframe creaked as Lucy leaned over, plunging her hand into the McDonald's bag on her nightstand.
    "Empty," she sighed, her stomach wobbling gently as she settled her back into her familiar divot. She cast a dazed gaze over her messy nest of pillows and comforters, the well-worn blue folds riddled with crumbs and burger wrappers. Some of the debris had accumulated around her seat, drawn into her rump's influence like rings around Saturn.
    Well now what? Lucy wondered to herself, yawning. She thought about getting up - surely she should do something with her Saturday other than sit in bed and stuff her face. On the other hand, what was there
:iconwhooptydoop:WhooptyDoop 46 7
Mature content
My Sister, The Feeder - P1 :iconwhooptydoop:WhooptyDoop 63 5
Ellie was sat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by piles of food. On her lap she had a large bowl of steaming hot pasta, smothered in cheese and white sauce. She hungrily scooped it up with both hands, not caring that she scolded them, just that she could shovel as much into her awaiting mouth as possible. When she had gobbled down nearly the entire bowl, she paused for a moment, catching her breath. She wiped her hands on a nearby cloth and set the bowl aside before reaching for the 2 litre bottle of Coke. Opening it up and hearing the satisfactory hiss, she put it to her lips and tilted it vertical. Gulping as fast as she could, she was still barely able to keep up as the liquid glugged out of the bottle. Coke spilled everywhere, down her front and over her hands and face. But she didn't care. She had another 3 bottles waiting by her side if she needed them.
Ellie moved onto the chips next, needing something salty again after all the sugar from the Coke. She unwrapped the layers
:iconfoodie128:Foodie128 4 0
Love Affair With Pizza: Part 1
Abigail slammed the door of her apartment shut and threw her handbag to the floor. She leant back against the door and closed her eyes for a second, taking a deep breath and running her fingers through her wavy blond hair. She had endured an extremely stressful day at the office and was ready for a quiet night in.
She sighed before shrugging her jacket off her slender shoulders and hanging it up.
Her stomach rumbled, reminding Abi she hadn't even had chance to stop for lunch today, so she made her way into the kitchen and opened the fridge.
"Crumbs, I forgot to go shopping." She muttered as she stared at the very empty shelves. She spied a bottle of white wine in the door, grabbed a couple of glasses and headed for her phone.
"Movie night? If u bring food I'll provide the wine!" She texted her best friend Melanie.
Almost instantly Abi got a reply.
"Sure. What u in the mood for?"
"Anything that's quick. I'm starving!"
"Cool. I'll be round in 15."
True to her word, Melanie was knocking o
:iconfoodie128:Foodie128 38 1
Love Affair With Pizza: Part 2
Abigail woke up the next morning feeling very lethargic and still bloated. She reached for her alarm and read the time; six thirty. She sighed. Only another fifteen minutes before she had to get up for work. She really didn't feel like going in today.
The more Abi thought about it, the more tempting it was to call in sick. After all, today was Friday and that meant she could have a whole three days of rest and relaxation. She grabbed her phone and sent her boss an email describing her imaginary stomach bug in enough detail to hopefully make him want to stop reading and just let her have the day off. Confident that she wouldn't have to go in now, she turned over, hoping to go back to sleep, but her stomach had other ideas. Stretched out after its big feast of two and a bit pizzas, wine and a lot of fizzy pop last night, her belly wasn't happy about its current empty state.
After minutes of tossing and turning and trying to ignore the hunger pains, Abi gave up trying to have a lie in and
:iconfoodie128:Foodie128 26 5



Decided to take the plunge, i'll use this to track food consumption. Will see how much i'm in the red each day or week. And maybe just for kicks post screen pics of charts.
  • Listening to: Hearts of space
  • Watching: Anime
  • Eating: what's in the refrigator
  • Drinking: Whole milk
life goes on;
 Had to get a new scale today, the old one of 500 lbs. just isn't displaying anything any more.  I've had this one  for the past 20  years and to be truthful its been a bitch to use lately . As I've gotten bigger; the square foot platform is just too small, having to stand  off the thing just to read the numbers. Actually I'm not sure how heavy I am now as I've really just using a tape measure myself, although at this point using 2 60" tapes stapled together, might be a clue. I'm soo looking forward to my new scale, it talks, plus it's almost 20 inches wide, no more having to squeeze my thighs together just to fit. Was looking to get one with a detached display but for another $ 100. I DON'T THINK SO.  I  just hope I never exceed it's max of 700 lbs. 
  • Listening to: Hearts of space
  • Watching: elementary
  • Eating: what ever is the frrig this morning
  • Drinking: just water
Decided to take the plunge, i'll use this to track food consumption. Will see how much i'm in the red each day or week. And maybe just for kicks post screen pics of charts.
  • Listening to: Hearts of space
  • Watching: Anime
  • Eating: what's in the refrigator
  • Drinking: Whole milk


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